Books by Jack London and Year of Publication

1900 The Son of the Wolf

1901 The God of His Fathers

1902 Children of the Frost

1902 The Cruise of the Dazzler

1902 A Daughter of the Snows

1903 The Kempton-Wace Letters

1903 The Call of the Wild

1903 The People of the Abyss

1904 The Faith of Men

1904 The Sea Wolf

1905 War of the Classes

1905 The Game

1905 Tales of the Fish Patrol

1906 Moon-Face and Other Stories

1906 White Fang

1907 Before Adam

1907 Love of Life and Other Stories

1908 The Iron Heel

1909 Martin Eden

1910 Lost Face

1910 Revolution and Other Essays

1910 Burning Daylight

1911 When God Laughs and Other Stories

1911 South Sea Tales

1912 The House of Pride and Other Stories

1912 A Son of the Sun

1912 Smoke Bellew

1913 The Night-Born

1913 The Abysmal Brute

1913 John Barleycorn

1913 The Valley of the Moon

1914 The Strength of the Strong

1914 The Mutiny of the Elsinore

1915 The Scarlet Plague

1915 The Star Rover

1916 The Little Lady of the Big House

1916 The Turtles of Tasman

1917 The Human Drift

1917 Jerry of the Islands

1917 Michael Brother of Jerry

1918 The Red One

1919 On the Makaloa Mat

1920 Hearts of Three

1922 Dutch Courage and Other Stories

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